With the combination of our expert auditing staff and our advanced compliance management technology, we’ll help you achieve SOC 3 compliance in half the time of other auditors.

The deal with SOC 3 report and how to make use of it?

If a SOC 3 report sounds a lot like a SOC 2 report, it’s because they are essentially the same document with one exception: A SOC 3 report does not provide the security controls nor details of the tests performed by the service auditor (Section 4 of the SOC 2 report).

In essence, a SOC 3 report is simply a public-facing abridged version of a SOC 2 report. Worth noting, while a SOC 2 audit can be completed as a Type 1 (point in time assessment) or Type 2 (historical lookback assessment), a SOC 3 is only possible as a Type 2.

→ Automated Readiness Assessment

If you’re undergoing a SOC 3 audit for the first time, we highly recommend that you complete a Readiness Assessment which will identify high-risk control gaps, provide recommendations for improving controls, and allow you to remediate issues prior to the official SOC 3 audit.

Get started with your SOC 3 auditor-assisted, automated Readiness Assessment today.

→ SOC 3 - Type 2 Report

A SOC 3 Type 2 report attests to both the design and the operating effectiveness of controls over a defined period of time, usually between 3-12 months.

This type of SOC 2 audit provides assurance of not just how your systems are set up, but how they are used on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits of a SOC 3 Report


Communicate controls effectiveness to the public with disclosing any critical information.


Embed the report to your website a seal of your organization\s commitment to information security.


SOC 3 omits Section 4 and serves as a brief summary of a SOC 2.


You can audit for it along with SOC 2

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