Build trust with customers and employees through Data Protection. If you want a review of how your organization is handling information and protecting data, we can help.

The Benefits of Data Protection Analysis

Demonstrate to your customers that you care about the protection of their most valuable assets with Data Protection Analysis. Zeroday can help you understand how your data is being utilized and protected to enhance your organization’s customer and employee confidence.

A data protection analysis can assess your compliance with regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA Privacy, by assisting with the identification and classification of the data that your organization processes.


We will determine your compliance against the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) standard by reviewing the policies, procedures and processes in place to ensure that your organization can meet the GDPR requirements.

→ CCPA Gap Assessment

Zeroday can perform a review of your privacy policies and procedures to identify any gaps that may prevent you from being CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliant.

→ HIPAA Privacy Rule Gap Assessment

Zeroday’s assessors will identify the type and location of the PHI (personal health information) in your organization so that you understand what information is subject to Privacy Rule legislation.

Once the data has been identified, we will conduct a gap assessment to identify areas that do not comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

→ HIPAA Privacy Rule Assessment

We will review your organization’s existing policies, procedures, and processes to determine that your organization has the appropriate safeguards in place to maintain compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

The Benefits of Data Protection Analysis


Defines responsibilities and business processes for information security


Builds a culture of information security and diligence


Reduces security incidents through implemented controls specific to your unique risks and assets


Supports several privacy laws and regulations

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